Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011; The Year Of Photography

So I've been busy. Busy with my newly rekindled love for exploring and photography, which as has taken a lot of my free time. Been working on some new songs as well, but photography is currently were my heart is at and I strive at bettering myself in this field.

I don't remember if I've mentioned it on this blog, but ever since I first started thinking about the type of job I'd want for myself, photography or graphic design, in one way or another - apart from music - has always been the first and last thing in my mind to pursue career wise. It's always been a hobby of mine, even before I picked up a guitar I spend a lot of time taking pictures and playing around with them in various photoshop programs. My mom was an independent designer, so she had all the tech stuff I could wish for at my disposal as a teen.

Somewhere along the line music took over, not completely, but close to and photography was put slightly aside. Until the year of 2011.

I bought a new camera a few weeks ago (the new Nikon D7000 - incredible camera (more on this in a later post)) and have been learning to use it properly along with some neat photoshop software. All expensive stuff, but hey, money is meant to be spend right?

I'm boiling over with ideas for portraits, landscapes, artsy stuff. Buildings I've walked or driven by on weekly basis and thought "that could make a great photo". All these ideas that I didn't want to carry out, without having the proper tools to do so with. I'm a dumb perfectionist, I know. I've been keeping a notebook for these photographic ideas for the past few years, now it's time to let them fly.

So why all of a sudden start taking photography seriously?

Well, thanks to something else I used to do in my teens, that I've taken up again: exploring abandoned buildings (thank you, Silent Hill).

I fell over a bunch of websites about Urban Exploration and everything just kinda clicked,

To make a long story short and leave room for future posts, I've been to some pretty awesome locations. Number one on the list being a prison that closed in the 1950'ties, decaying in peace ever since.

Much, much more on this later...

- Mike