Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Frankenstein Guitar Part II

Guitar stripped down to the bone.

Out put connected to volume pot - one in on the side and one wire on top (weird wiring, but whatever).

Another view of the wiring for the out put.

Ground wired on middle tone pot.

Another view of ground wiring.

Grounded to the back.

Then just following the diagram for a standard tree pick-up to five way switch set-up.


It's done! & it sounds fuckin' awesome!

Frankenstein Guitar

My cousin gave me his old beat up Stagg guitar. I think it looks pretty cool. The fretboard feels good to play on and though worn down, I reckon it still has some years to go on. The pick-ups sounds alright, much better then I expected for a ridiculous cheap chinese guitar like this. However I think it can be better with a few significant modifications; I'm going to put in all new electronics, Fender 54 pick-ups and a new tremolo bridge.

To be continued...