Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Money, money, money, money, money and more money.

If you don't make any money your nothing!

I kinda liked being "nothing," but when everybody has this obsession with money it's kinda hard not to tag along. Not that I actually did it by my own will, nah, the government would so like me to sort empty bottles, - that's my new job - fun huh?

Today I decided to go on a little trip to the almighty town that is Horsens. Trip might not be the word to describe it as I can walk from where I live and be in the center of Horsens in less than an hour. Anywho, I was on my "trip" - yes I am/was - and I wandered around and suddenly there I was there, where I've been a hundred other times, yet it was different, maybe I hadn't been there since that time, yes, maybe that's it. But there I was wandering down the most beautiful old alley and it was then, there, and here, I stopped and said outloud to myself - I do that some times, ok I do it a lot - "this is it, this is where "Le Chat Verte" will be placed."

"Le Chat Verte" is a dream, no, a vision - sounds much better - of mine. It's a Cafè, a hideout from the busy world, a place to unwind, read a book, a bohemian-goth-circus-gypsy-belle epoque cafè, a place for all the weirdoes. Not only that, but I will start the first and for now only distribution of quality absinthe in Denmark.

It's built in my head, everything is sorted out, well almost everything, I need - that's right - money! Once again money is an issue.
God I hate 'em, not that I don't love 'em either.


Friday, March 04, 2005

Good Day?

I made this today:


It's me...

Curently listening to Good Day by The Dresden Dolls.
I'd like to do more than survive i'd like to rub it in your face!!!

Hmm... I'm just gonna go now.